Brent Wehmeyer

That's Way-my-er

In A Bad Economy, and In Hard Times…

cut back right?  That’s what everyone wants to tell you on TV and everywhere else it seems.  Cut back your spending, be thrifty, make due with what you have, etc etc. 

It is definitely wise to budget, and not overspend.  But I think it comes down to a deeper level of changing your mental focus, and your outlook on your life. 

Instead of focusing on what to cut out and how to scale back (which you might still need to do, just don’t focus your thoughts on that), focus your ideas and thoughts on what you can do to increase your income, develop new streams of income, and profit out of opportunities that are only available in these times!

Find a niche that suits your interests.  Develop ideas of how to offer a product, a service, information, or consultation in that area, and work out a plan to make it happen.  You’re either building your dream or your helping build someone else’s, let’s get to work on your dream this Christmas season.

Four years ago, I found the opportunity to build my own dream part-time, changed my focus from cutting back to earning more, and now have been out of Corporate America for over two years.  I’d love to help you any way I can.

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