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Building a Bigger Picture

I met a fascinating person on a flight from Los Angeles. He is a surfer, author, developer, community activist and advisor to world leaders.

Do you picture a young, ambitious, vibrant guy? How about a vibrant 96 year-old? Art Linkletter has advised every US President since Franklin Roosevelt. He had the top rated TV shows including “Kids Say The Darndest Things” for 25 years. Art speaks world-wide traveling 150,000 miles by himself each year, unless Lois, his wife of 73 years, decides to join him.

I’m chatting with Art about his spectacular success when he interrupts me and asks:

“Mike, do you work in television?”

I laughed. “No Art I don’t work in television.”

“Mike, you’re a great interviewer. I think you should work in television. You could reach and help a lot of people. ”

I didn’t sleep for two nights thinking about my discussion with Art. So I called him:

“Art, I want to interview you for a TV program that shares how people like you live long, happy, successful lives.”

“Mike, that’s a great idea. Let’s tape it in my Beverly Hills office.”

Two weeks later I began an amazing adventure that is still unfolding. I interviewed Art, then Bob Proctor (from “The Secret”) and Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul). John Wooden the basketball legend has agreed to interview. We’ve contacted Mel Brooks, Sandra Day O’Conner and the Dalai Lama and are lining up sponsorship for a TV series.

What did Art do? He saw something inside me that I didn’t consciously recognize. He challenged me to build a bigger picture of what is possible and believed in my ability to do it–even when I didn’t believe it yet.

Think about your life. Who has helped you build a bigger picture of yourself and helped you move beyond what you thought you could do? We all have this ability. It’s like a muscle: it grows stronger with use.

Like Art, you can be a leader and a light to those in your life by looking for what’s great in them. Help them build a bigger picture of themselves and believe in their ability to do it. Their results will astonish you.

By: Mike Scogna

If you are truly looking for a BIGGER PICTURE check out and then get back with me! 🙂

Brent Wehmeyer

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