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Is It Truly Possible To Use Just The Internet To Build Your Network Marketing Business?

Using The Internet To Build Your MLM Business Can Be FrustratingWhat a great post there is over at the Revolution Income Blog, covering the topic of using the internet versus traditional methods to build your network marketing business! You should check it out, but I’ll give a brief summary here.

Since the use of the internet has exploded in the last decade, many entrepreneurs have started using the internet to generate leads, build huge followings, and sell and recruit into their businesses. But it brings up plenty of debate as people try to defend their opinions of what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll hear the two ways often referred to as “old-school” vs. “new-school”. That is the traditional person-to-person and prospecting in public, and with your warm market, versus doing it all online.

As the article explains, there really needs to be a happy medium, the old ways by themselves work but can be sped up and intensified using the internet, but using solely internet tactics can generate quick cash but will leave you with ridiculous attrition (people canceling and dropping out of your programs).  As we enter into what seems to be a new era of network marketing and direct sales, everyone will have to adapt to survive, and make use of technology to thrive…but, at the same time not neglect the traditional methods that have gotten us to this point and are what allows new people to go out and simply share information and begin making money right away, before they master the internet marketing realm of the business.

Check out Brent Wehmeyer’s post on Revolution Income now, it’s great:

Can You Really Build A Successful Network Marketing Business Using Only The Internet?


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Pre-Paid Legal Services Becomes LegalShield

The All New LegalShield Reveal:

Take a look in this video at the new introduction to what LegalShield does, and how it gives people every day, every where, total access and total freedom:

Holiday TV Commercial Spot:

And here is a 1 minute commercial spot to be airing soon, and sharing how LegalShield can help average everyday Americans:

The LegalShield executives also informed all associates that new marketing materials will be coming out on a regular basis over the next few months, as they methodically go through all existing materials and websites to apply the new branding, and making sure to create one cohesive look from place to place.

If you want to learn more about how our team is exploding in growth with these new marketing weapons on our side, click here to see how you can join Brent’s team and work with him directly, and find out more about working with me on our team, and getting access to our top notch training system that will lead you step-by-step to success with Legal Shield.

We have a proven system, one that anyone can step right into after starting their own business with LegalShield, anywhere in the country, and no matter how much or how little time you have to invest into your own home-based business.

If you like what you see, fill out the application and I’ll get back with you ASAP. I look forward to talking with you, and maybe even working with you toward your success in the near future! – Pre-Paid Legal Services Becomes LegalShield

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Have You Seen The New Revolution Income Project?

I’ve recently turned into a personal website that serves as a place for people to find out about me and links to my various public profiles across the internet. It gives information on what I’m working with right now:

  • LegalShield: the company I’ve represented for 8 years has taken on a new marketing initiative and is going to be capitalizing on its huge market potential in the coming months.  With LegalShield, I am proud to be able to help give people Total Access & Total Freedom.
  • I am passionate about helping others in this economy free themselves from the old dying system of working for someone all your life like a slave, just to end up broke, and helping them succeed in the home-based business revolution.  Revolution Income Blog serves as a place for training, community, and support for anybody trying to become successful making their income on their own using the power of the internet, and learning true marketing skills.

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