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In any sales position, the more people you have to talk to, the better you will do.  You always hear it from your boss or your upline business sponsors, that it’s just a numbers game, don’t get caught up in the results, just focus on the activity of talking to a lot of people and the results will come.

This is all very true.  But, when I first got started with my business, now I don’t know if you can relate to this or not, I couldn’t figure out how to find that many people to talk to.

All these potential clients certainly weren’t all the people I knew or the people around me in my small town.

So how was I going to go about finding hundreds, or even thousands of people to talk to?

Eventually I was introduced to sales leads, and man did I think that was just the answer to all my problems!

I went about contacting all the leads, for months on end, and recruited people into the business and made sales, but the sales were usually just enough to pay off the cost of the leads themselves!  Needless to say, it became a little frustrating, and after months of really not getting ahead, I knew there had to be a better way.

The key to any business is constantly learning and keeping yourself ahead of the competition.

I am so very thankful, I ran across information from one of the best in internet marketing, Mike Dillard.  What I learned in his material and courses revolutionized the way I went about doing business online and finding interested prospects.  In his incredible course he teaches you how to change from being the hunter to being hunted.

When you really get how to do that, it will change everything for you.  It’s all laid out from beginning to end exactly how to change your business in his course.  Definitely worth every penny, and more.

If you login to his website you can even get a wealth of information, for FREE, in a series of videos.  Did I mention, it’s free?  Can’t beat that can you!? Just click below now.

Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring Online

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